Valentines Day Baci Chocolates

Perugia, Italy is the home to Perugina, the company that makes the world famous fine Italian Baci chocolates.

Baci, means "Kisses" in Italian. Each Baci chocolate comes wrapped in a love note: a scroll inscribed with a message of love and affection.

Here are some examples of these romantic Italian Love notes!:

Perugina Baci Chocolate 28 Piece Gift Box - 2 Boxes!
What goes better than one sumptuous Baci kiss? One after another... Pair the delicious flavor of Baci with a glass of wine and indulge with your sweetheart, or bring the whole box to a party and spread the love. 2 Large 28 piece gift boxes. 2 pack of Baci 28 piece gift boxes Great Gift for Family or Office! 28 Individually Wrapped chocolate inside each box Baci Premium Italian Chocolates Imported from Italy Frustration Free Packaging!

Valentine's Day Baci Perugina Dark Chocolate
Say "I love you" the Italian way The Coating: Dark bittersweet chocolate, rich and velvety smooth The Wrapping: a starry lit up by the promise and invitation of the Italian word "kiss" The Love Note: Each chocolate comes wrapped in its own message to get your heart fluttering Valentine's Day Packaging

Baci Perugina White Chocolate Baci Window Box 5-ounce, 10-piece
Box reads "Say I love you the Italian way" Perfect for Valentines day Perugina Baci White Chocolate with Whole and Chopped Hazelnuts 10 pieces - 5 ounce box Product of Italy

Perugina Baci Dark Chocolates Bag: Three 5 oz Bags
Dark Chocolate with Whole and Chopped Hazelnuts

Perugina Baci Finest Italian Chocolates 14.1 oz, 28 pieces
Baci are silky dark chocolates with a heart of creamy blend of milk chocolate and hazelnuts slivers crowned with a whole roasted hazelnut. Each confection is individually wrapped in Baci's signature silver and blue foil and hugged with a poetic love message. Since 1922, the Baci brand has become synonymous with love, romance and Valentines Day. Comes in a stylish blue box of 28 chocolates.

Baci Perugina, Dark Chocolate with Whole & Chopped Hazelnuts, 5 oz
Perugina's signature recipe of whipped milk chocolate, Gianduia filling and chopped hazelnuts, all enrobed in silky bittersweet chocolate. Each Baci comes individually wrapped in elegant silver and blue packaging and hugged by a poetic love note describing the course of love-a true gesture of romance. Today, Baci is the most famous chocolate brand in Italy. Remember that Baci in Italian means kisses!

Perugina Baci Baci Chocolates - 10 Pc-Bag - 5oz - (Pack of 3)
Perugina BACI, a luscious creamy blend of milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts - dotted with chopped hazelnuts and crowned with a whole hazelnut. Each confection is hugged with a love note and is wrapped in Baci's signature silver and blue foil.

Perugina Baci Chocolates - 10 Pc-Vista Box - 5oz - (Pack of 3)
3 x 5oz / 140g Contains 10 Baci Chocolates Comes in a blue vista box Imported from Italy

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