Valentines Day Soap Favors Page Thirteen

5 - Individually Wrapped 2.5 oz. Heart-Shaped Salmon
Body bars are approximately 3" X 3" wide at their widest points and are decorative, fun and chocked full of emollients. (Note: The soaps have the same coloring, as they were made within the same batch. However, each slice is uniquely different regarding jewelling and exact weight. Exact weight of each bar varies between 2+ ounces to 3 ounces.)

Love Bubbles
These bars are sure to delight not only visually but "scentually" :)

Heart of the Madder
Ylang Ylang essential oil drives away anxiety and chronic stress and has an uplifting effect on the mood. It's also an aphrodisiac and improves libido. The madder root red colorant of this soap is home to a heart shaped embed. The embed is infused with cinnamon essential oil that is both an emotional and physical stimulant.

12 Pink White Heart Wedding Bridal Shower Soap Favors Anniversary Doodaba
This listing is for 12 individually wrapped bars of richly moisturizing soap each molded into a gorgeous raised pink heart design on a white rectangle shape scented with any scent or color combination you might like - just ask! Please notice there are 6 different heart designs - you will receive two of each design. Each bar measures approximately 1.5 ounces in weight. This soap would be perfect for your favorite Valentine, wedding, shower or hostess gift favor, or keep them for your own bath.

4 Little Glycerine Hearts with Bow
Hearts with Bow 2.5 ounces total / 70.8 grams

Conversation Hearts
Glycerin Conversation Hearts 5 hearts 1.5 ounces total / 42.5 grams

Red Rose Heart
Red Rose Heart Glycerin soap with shea butter 4.5 ounces / 127.6 grams

Heart of Peppermint w/ Coconut & Lavender
Heart of Peppermint w/ Coconut & Lavender. This soap is fun and bubbly and a great gift for Valentines Day or any day of the year. With the cooling effects of the peppermint and the relaxing scent of the Lavender makes and effective and healing soap. The benefits of glycerin soap help your skin become healthy and moisturized. Because glycerin soaps can be completely natural, they are particularly beneficial for people who have sensitive skin. Synthetic ingredients can create skin complications or irritate dormant skin problems. Glycerin soap, on the other hand, can be used for even the most sensitive skin. It can even be used with skin problems like eczema or psoriasis. Glycerin soaps do not irritate the skin or create negative reactions like normal soap does.

Dark Romance Handsoap
As I was making Dark Romace hand soap, I have to admit that it soon became one of my favorites! This soap is lightly scented with a blend of black cherry, warm sandalwood with hints of white jasmine and vanilla bean. A soft romantic scent. Dark Romance Hand Soap is made from a clear glycerine soap base with 20% coconut oil, which makes it a very rich soap with tons of lather and moisture. Each Dark Romance Hand Soap weighs 1 1/2 ounces and measures 2 by 1 1/2 inches. Each soap is individually wrapped to maintain freshness and moisture and then packed in a decorative box. Each box contains two soaps: one Celtic heart and one filigree heart. Perfect for gift giving or spoiling yourself.

Amore Mio
The bar soap is wrapped with clear plastic,ingredients label inserted and comes in a clear cello bag with ribbon and Soap Tag. ~ Listing is for one (1) bar soap

Hearts & Tulips Body Bar great for Weddings, Mother's Day, Treat Yourself!
With a soothing relaxing scent of tulips this body bar also relays the message of caring which is traditionally the meaning of pink tulips. Coconut Oil is anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, hydrating, soothing, moisturizing and leaves skin feeling soft Shea Butter reduces inflammation, is moisturizing and skin smoothing Safflower Oil prevents dryness and roughness, removes dirt and oil, promotes elasticity and is very hydrating Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, prevents cellular damage A perfect gift to show your loved one how much you care!

2 Old Fashion Heart Soaps, 100% Natural Decorative Guest Soap
2 soaps 2.5" 100% Natural Ingredients! Beautiful + High Quality Soaps Totally Customize Your Soap!!! Choose the following: 1. Scent-EO=essential oil (natural) and FO=fragrance oil (synthetic), 2. Color- (micas, oxides (natural) and food coloring (artificial) 3. Type of soap- castile (olive oil), shea butter, cocoa butter, goat's milk, and honey soaps

Heart Favors
These are darling little hearts are made of soap and embedded into clear soap, finished with a contrasting background color of soap. All vegan glycerin soap that both looks, lathers and smells beautiful. Any color combination is available, Just contact me with your needs. LISTING IS FOR 12 Mini Heart Soap Favors Each Shrink wrapped with CUSTOM LABEL (please include what you wish on your label up to 30 characters including spaces. (Ex: "Happy Valentines Day!" "Missy's Bridal Shower" "Jeff & Lisa 8.28.2012" etc) Each soap is apprx .7oz 1.25" x 1.25" x .5"

Spring Hearts - Set of 7
Fragrance oil: Fresh Citrus or your choice...:) Colors: Pink - Green - Yellow Size: aprox. 2 x 2 x 1/2 Weighs aprox: 5 ounces the set Each soap is wrapped with a clear plastic, ingredients label inserted and the 7 hearts comes in an organza bag, ribbon with Soap Tag ~ Listing is for one (1) Set of Seven (7) Heart soaps

Be my Valentine
Show the one you love you adore them with this Valentine soap scented with a "Lovespell" type fragrance. This soap is pink with a swirl of lavender dancing through it. It has hearts and lips on top! It weighs about 6.5 to 7 ounces. It is made with: vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, skin safe colorant, skin safe scent and cosmetic grade glitter. I am one of a select group of artisans that is permitted to display the "Made in Alaska" emblem.

Cherry Bomb
Cherry bomb smells like cherry blossoms! It is made with: Vegetable oil, coconut oil, olive oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, skin safe colorant, skin safe scent, cosmetic grade glitter and jojoba beads. It is topped off with a melt and pour bing cherry and a silk cherry blossom! I am one of a select group of artisans that is permitted to use the "Made in Alaska" emblem.

Rose Goat's Milk Soap - Heart Soap, Wedding Favor
Beautiful 3 dimensional heart with pansy's on top. Goat's Milk Soap with Rose Garden scent make this soap soothing and relaxing, and a lovely gift. Soap is 3.5" across and weighs 3.7 oz. Perfect little gift or keep it for yourself! Great gift basket idea for Mother's Day! Pure goat's milk soap base with our farm Lavender and pure essential oil of Lavender. Pure and simple goat's milk lavender soap in our new Chrysanthum flower pattern 4.2 oz. & 3" x 2". So beautiful!!! Great for any occassion. Made to order, so always fresh.

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