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Oatmeal round soap, green tea scented soap, clean scented soap, heart soaps
Oatmeal Soap in the scent of green tea. This scent is so crisp! It's wonderful. The scent stays on the skin after bath. The lather is so creamy and soft. Ingredients: glycerin soap base (Ingredients:Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium StearatePropylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Myristate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycerin) Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, fragrance, oatmeal, mica color These bars are about 5 ounces each.

Heart soap, valentine soaps, soap for her, pretty heart soap, glycerin soap, Valentine's Day heart soap
ngredients: glycerin soap base (Ingredients:Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium StearatePropylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Myristate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycerin) fragrance oil , mica colorant, glitter if wanted These cute soaps are 3.3 ounces each. Wonderfully delightful for everyone!

Soap - Two Sweet Valentine Soaps - Glycerin Soap
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." Charles Schulz It's true, a little chocolate never hurts. But chocolates never last either. At least not in my home. So maybe this year I can interest you in these "sweet" little soaps. You get one of each color, a soft pink and a rose colored heart. The scent is called ' I heart You', and it smells like candy. They come packaged in a cello bag with a pretty pink ribbon for easy gift giving. ( see last photo) Pinks not your color? Just convo me and I'll make them any color you want. Total weight of both bars is 6 ounces. This listing is for one set of soap bars, but more are available.

Heart Soap ~ Mini Heart Soaps ~ Valentine's Soaps in Pink, Red, and White
Valentine's Day will soon be upon us, and what better way to decorate than with a set of pretty heart shaped soaps! This set features 12 pretty hearts in white, pink, and red. The white and pink hearts are goat's milk soap, and the red hearts are glycerin soap. All of these hearts are detergent-free and all natural. Each heart measures 1 1/8" wide x 1" deep x 7/8" thick. The set of 12 soaps weighs 4 oz and will come in a clear gift bag tied with ribbons.

Heart Soaps ~ Red and White Heart Soaps ~ Sweetheart Soap Gift Set
This is such a pretty set of soaps! Use it to decorate your bath, give as a gift, or use as party favors - they will not disappoint :) This set consists of 6 soaps made from all natural, detergent-free soap: 2 filigree hearts, each measuring 2.5" wide x 2.25" tall 2 floral hearts, each measuring 2.5" wide x 2.25" tall 2 flower and vine hearts, each measuring 2.5" wide x 2.25" tall Total weight of this set is 4.2 ounces and will come in a white gift box tied with red and white ribbons.

Angel Wing Heart Soap ~ Bird Wing Soap
I love birds, and these soaps remind me of their beautiful, feathery wings :) These heart-shaped soaps are made with all natural, detergent-free goat's milk soap. They have been tinted with pink mica and have white highlights to bring out the beauty of the feathering. They are scented in Pink Musk fragrance oil, a blend of lily of the valley, sugared strawberries, pink grapefruit and white sandalwood. They smell wonderful! Each of these pretty wings measures 3 3/8" wide x 3 3/8" from top to bottom, and up to 3/4" thick. There are myriads of feathers in this design, as can be seen in the photos. Whether they are the wings of a bird, or the wings of an angel, they are just plain gorgeous! This set of 2 soaps weighs almost 5 ounces and will come in a white gift box tied with ribbons.

Valentine's Soap - Pink and White Heart Soap - Cookie Heart Soap Set - Cookie Soap - Sugar Cookie Soap
This is a really fun set of soap cookies for your spring decor, as well as Valentine's Day :) This soap set contains 6 cookies in all as seen in the photos. 3 are white and have pink centers and 3 are pink and have white centers. They are made to look like coconut macaroons and are scented with XOXO fragrance oil. These soaps are all detergent free goat's milk soap. Each "cookie" measures approximately 2" in diameter ( 5cm), is up to 7/8" thick ( 2cm ), and weighs 1.2 ounces ( 30g) for a total weight of 7.2 ounces.

Heart Soap ~ Mini Heart Soaps ~ Valentine's Soaps in Pink, Red, and White
Heart Soap ~ Mini Heart Soaps ~ Valentine's Soaps in Pink, Red, and White

Heart Shaped Glycerin Soaps Assorted Colors and Fragrances, Valentine Soap, Wedding Favors
The mysteries of the heart, hidden and secretive provide the muse for this beautifully enigmatic soap. Soapsmith's Midnight Heart dark gothic heart shaped soap is hand cast with my own blend of fine quality clear glycerin soap. These soaps make delightful Valentine's Day gifts and are popular for wedding favors. Deep dark and mysterious, this stylized soap broods in shades of ebony, eggplant purples, dark sienna brown and burgundy. Scented with exotic amber fragrance oil blend of sandalwood, lavender, and ambergris the aroma compliments the theme of this bar. The art deco details are enhanced with a hand application of cosmetic mica. Each bar is unique and individually exquisite that is sure to please anyone on your gift list. Price is for one bar 3.5 oz.

Berry Valentine tart soap
Glycerin Valentine tart soap in a mixed berry scent. Enjoy a moisturing sweet smelling bath with cute vegetable glycerin Valentines soap or give a few out to your favorite Valentines. this soap is compatible with our Berry Valentine bath bombs. non drying and gentle on the skin.

Rose Soap Valentine Romantic Glycerin or Goats Milk 2.8 to 3 ounce you choose color and fragrance oil
This is one of my favorites to make always loved roses. Nice detailed soap and great size. Soap Shape : Rose Size : 2.8 to 3 ounce after made may vary slightly Soap Type : Glycerin or Goats Milk Must message me immediately after payment either in message box in payment section or by convo message. Color : Black , Blue , Green , Orange , Pink (Hot) , Purple , Red , White(Pearl White in Glycerin color - Goats Milk is already white) , Yellow , Goats Milk will be a pastel version of the colors.

Large Heart-Shaped Soap
This listing is for one heart-shaped soap. These soaps are layered with three colors. You choose the colors and fragrances, I'll do the rest. Just convo your choices. The soap can have one, two or three fragrances (one for each color). Essential oil are included in your fragrance choices. If you want one color only, please specify. I'll work with you! Each soap is handmade. Because of this, please keep in mind that each color and layer depth will vary. Each weighs about 5 oz., 4" across, minimum 1" thick

One Dozen Little Heart Soaps - Valentine's Day, party favor, i heart you, guest soaps, wedding favor, wedding shower
This is 12 heart soaps in your choice of colors and scents. Each heart is one ounce.

Oatmeal soap with heart, handmade oatmeal soap, Valentine's Gifts, soap for any occasion
Soothing oatmeal soap with heart made with the scent of milk, almond and honey. Soap contains calendula extract and chamomile extract for calming effects of the skin. One of my shop favorites.

Red Hearts Rimmed Artisan Cold Process Soap in a Square Shape - Valentine's Day
A uniquely created cold process square soap featuring an outer rim with swirls of black, pink and ivory with red hearts. The final touch is a dusting of gold mica on the surface for a bit of sparkle. The inner soap has no added color and is scented with a refreshing blend of fresh rose petals, wisteria and cyclamen, and hints of sandalwood and vanilla. An impressed heart in the center of each soap is the final decorative touch. Created from scratch using various skin loving vegetable, nut and fruit based oils and butters to gently yet thoroughly cleanse and nourish the skin. A bit of added silk add gives this soap a silky feel when used. Handcrafted soaps in unique fragrance blends and unique designs make wonderful gifts too. Please note that each bar is sold individually but several bars are shown to show variations within the batch. There is a great deal of variation in each bar within this batch. Bars are handcut and hand trimmed. Each bar and each batch is unique and no two bars will be alike. Net Weight each bar approximately 3.2 - 3.6 ounces. Bars measure approximately 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1" Soap bars are sold individually. Listing is for one (1) bar.

HEART SOAP - Valentine Soap, Mothers Day Soap, Valentines Day, Teacher Gift, Soap - 2 Piece Soap Gift
Heart soap is scented with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. These pretty heart soaps make a great gift for teacher, Mother's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, her birthday, etc. They also make a great soap gift for yourself! Heart soap is enriched with glycerin and an exclusive moisturizing blend to help hydrate and soften skin. This handmade soap will nourish and soften skin while providing a luxurious and creamy lather that will leave your body cleansed, lightly scented, and feeling smooth and soft all day long.

Valentine Soap - Lips Soap - Kiss Soap - Love Spell or Strawberry - Valentine's Day Gift
These sweet kiss soaps are the perfect little something for Valentine's Day! This listing is for a single soap in your choice of 2 terrific fragrances: Love Spell (Victoria Secrets type) or sweet Strawberry. Choose your color: white, pink, red (pic 2,3,4) or glitter red (pic 1,5) or shimmer white (pic 5).

Love Struck Handcrafted Valentine's Day Soap, 5 oz Bar
This sweet little soap is perfect for your special Valentine! This is a great bar with moisturizing shea butter and kaolin clay throughout for a rich lather and a smooth feel on the skin. It has the same 'Love Spell' type fragrance with a beautiful blend of cherry blossom, white jasmine, orange, and peach. Tell your sweetie you love them by giving them a skin-loving treat from the Tree Top Soap Shop! Makes a great gift, or buy one to pamper yourself! This listing is for (1) 5 oz bar of Love Struck soap.

Bite Me Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap/
This soap is a wonderful fresh blend of sweet citrus, zesty lime, and effervescent orange, berries, and sweet cherries, with a hint of leafy greens and creamy vanilla. This bar is layers of pink, mauve, and creamy white. The top is covered with lavender and red soap swirls, hand piped soap, and pink soap lips. This bar is blended with skin nourishing Coconut Oil, Avocado oil, Babassu, Rice Bran Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Powder, and Orange Peel Powder just to name a few. Wonderfully gentle bar that is great for even the gentlest of skin types. Wonderful fluffy, moisturizing lather.

10 ANGEL SOAP FAVORS - Angel Party Favor, Valentines Day
We hope you'll find our sweet smelling Angel soap favors heavenly! Perfect for parties, showers, and gifts! ♥In this listing, you will receive a set of 10 Angel soap favors. Each favor includes 1 soap, in your custom color & fragrance. ♥We wrap each soap in a clear cellophane bag and tie with a satin ribbon. We include a label on the back of the bag, stating “Glycerin Soap” so as not to be confused with candy. ♥Need a different amount? Please contact me, and I’ll be happy to list an order for your exact needs! ♥Our Angel soap measures approximately 3 inches long, 2 inches wide & weighs about .6 of an ounce each. The soap is 3-dimensional with a flat back.

Pink Sugar Soap Valentine edition
This is a beautifully lathering soap that has the duped scent of Aquolina's Pink Sugar. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand (it is the size of a cupcake) or can be rubbed into a scrubby for a rich, creamy lather.

Lavender with Shea butter "Sweet Innocense" Handmade soap bar, Beautiful bar with natural Essential oils
This sale is for one Aprox. 3.25oz handmade "Sweet Innocense", Hungarian Lavender with Shea butter soap bar. This beautiful angles soap bar is perfect gift for wedding, Valentine, your spouse, friends, or other loved ones. All bars are slightly different in appearance because of the handmade way they are made. We lovingly create these bars with high quality in mind, only the best essential oils and additives are used, our base has shea butter base and is of extreme quality with heavy creamy lather, and large foamy bubbles. Our soap is detergent free and no SLS, and a Glycerin base. Hypo-Allergenic.

Valentine's Day Gift of Love Message Heart French Milled Goat Milk Soap
Looking to let someone know you love them in a very special way? This lovely message heart will be a long term daily reminder of your feelings toward them. Scented with the relaxing aroma of lavender essential oil. If you would prefer a different scent, please message me.

Embedded Pink Heart Soap for Valentines
A Beautiful 3-Dimensional, sparkling soap heart in your choice of color is embedded into clear soap so the design lasts weeks until the soap is nearly gone. Vegetable Glycerin soap is non-drying, hypo-allergetic, and helps eczema and those with sensitive skin. Listing is for ONE large 6oz oval bathsoap -shrinkwrapped for very long shelf life.

10 Heart Favors - Heart Wedding Favors
Heart soap favors in your choice of scent and color. Heart soap favors make perfect bridal shower favors. Heart soap favors are also great for a Valentine wedding. Includes tags. Heart soap is also great to give out as baby shower favors or party favors. Set of 10. Heart soap favors: pearly red, pearly pink, pearly white. Heart soap weighs approximately .55oz each Heart soap measures approximately 1 1/2"l x 1 5/8"w x 9/16"h Packaged in a cellophane bag with a ribbon, "DO NOT EAT" tag and personalized tag.

Pink Sugar Soap Valentine edition
This is a beautifully lathering soap that has the duped scent of Aquolina's Pink Sugar. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand (it is the size of a cupcake) or can be rubbed into a scrubby for a rich, creamy lather.

Valentines Soap - Rose Soap - Decorative Soap -

Hugs and Kisses Guest Soap
Who doesn't love hugs and kisses? These are guest soaps, and the shapes are substantial, meaning they will stand up in the soap dish.They're almost an inch thick. They come packaged in a bright little box made just for them. We think they're adorable. You will, too. Approx. net wt. 4 oz.

Lots of Love Handcrafted Soap
It was love at first sight with this design. Lots of happy hearts make us smile every time we look at it. Great gift for Valentines or any time Approx. Net Wt. 4.5 oz 30

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