Valentines Day Rosette Wreaths

Valentine's Day wreath, felt rosette wreath, pink wreath
Beautiful wreath for Valentine's Day or a little girl's room! Over 50 rosettes cover the 12" option. Even more will be added for 14"! Rosettes are all hand cut and hand rolled in five different colors-baby pink, pink, shocking pink, red, and white. Rosettes are attached with faux-pearl pink pins. Cream yarn covers the base of this wreath. Pink ribbon is attached to the back for easy hanging! All tulle, ribbon, and yarn wreaths are pictured on a 12" foam form unless otherwise noted. Wreaths do best in a sheltered area or behind a storm door. Some items are attached with hot glue, which will melt in extreme temperatures. All items are made in a smoke free environment.

Valentine's Day wreath, red wreath
Classy wreath for Christmas and/or Valentine's Day. Approximately 100 felt rosettes were hand-rolled to make this 12" wreath. Each rosette is attached with a faux pearl pin. The form is first wrapped with red ribbon and then the rosettes are attached. Red ribbon is attached for hanging ease. 14" will use more rosettes. See shop announcement for current coupons. All tulle, ribbon, and yarn wreaths are pictured on a 12" foam form unless otherwise noted. Wreaths do best in a sheltered area or behind a storm door. Some items are attached with hot glue, which will melt in extreme temperatures. All items are made in a smoke free environment.

Valentine rose heart wreath
A beautiful handmade felt heart shape rose flower wreath. A perfect gift on valentine. Thanks for visiting Toshani !!

Valentine's Wreath - Elegant Wreath - Valentine's Wreath
Love is in the air! Valentine's is near... Shocking Pink Rose Wreath. Each rose is adorned with a pearl center. Wreath shown is 20 inches.

Rainbow Felt 14" Heart Wreath - Nursery Decor - Baby Shower Wreath
This cheerful rainbow heart wreath would be perfect in a baby nursery or young child's room. Use it to welcome in Spring or just to make the rainbow lover in you smile everytime you see it! The wreath is overflowing with over 150 multi-colored, die cut felt circles that have been pinned to a 12" styrofoam heart to look like velvet roses! The form itself has been spray painted red for a polished finish. The colors included on this wreath are white, hot pink, lavender, lime green, red and yellow. If you love this wreath but have some ideas on how to customize it for yourself, please contact me and I can make one to your liking. The wreath measures approximately 13.5" W x 15" H x 3.5" D.

12" Wuthering Heights Book Wreath / Heart Wreath
Wuthering Heights Book Wreath / Heart Wreath / Paper Rose Wreath This romantic book hear wreath is made from the gently aged pages of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights." The wreath is finished with a black velvet ribbon for hanging. Measures approximately 12" x 12" Hanger adds approximately 3 1/2".

Pink and Red Felt Flower Heart Shaped Wreath
There are over three hundred hand made felt flowers pinned to this heart shaped Styrofoam wreath form. There are many different shades of pink, red and white felt flowers and several different colored glass head pins. Included is a length of faux pearls to use as a hanger. A lovely Valentines Day wreath or perfect for a romantic room décor. The wreath measures a little over twelve inches on the long side.

Wreath, Pink Rosette Wreath, Pink Roses Wreath
This gorgeous pink roses wreath is made from almost one hundred crepe paper rosettes and one repurposed book paper rose. Each flower is handmade, glued, then added to the wreath base with hot glue. This beautiful romantic wreath will be perfect for your wedding reception or your Shabby Chic décor. It also makes a lovely gift for your friends and loved ones!

Valentine's Day Burlap Rosette Wreath, Pink Burlap Wreath, Heart Grapevine Wreath, Holiday Decor.
Handcrafted with creativity & care, this wreath is made with bunches of colorful burlap! You can't go without this lovely piece on Valentine's Day! Each colorful rosette was delicately formed by hand and placed on a rustic, heart-shaped grapevine wreath. This wreath can be customized to fit your unique style with 3 pinks to pick from: light pink, dark pink or checkered pink. Decide on all light pink...or maybe just a combination of light and dark pinks! Or go with what's pictured above to achieve burlapologie's signature look. Make sure to put those desires into writing during checkout! The wreath photographed measures approximately 12 - 13 inches tall & wide and was made on a 12 inch heart-shaped grapevine wreath.

Pale Rosette Valentine's Day Wreath | Valentine's Wreath | Heart Wreath
Let this adorable wreath paint the picture of love on your door :) Available in pink or white flowers. Wreath is about 12 inches high and 10 inches across. There is one small ribbon hot-glued to the back for hanging. Please message me if you have any questions!

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