Valentines Day Tulle Wreaths

Valentines Wreath
Tulle valentines day wreath

Valentine's Be Mine Wreath
Pink and Red tulle wreath with Red glitter heart and white wood lettering

Valentine Wreath, Heart Wreath, Red Heart Wreath
If you are looing for something a bit different to add to your Valentine decor, then this lovely is for you! This wreath is about 12 iches in diameter and is made of black tulle. A red glitter heart dangles from the top and I scattered little red and pink heart beads throughout the tulle for a bit of added interest. The ribbon is black with red and pink glitter hearts.

Valentine Wreath
This gorgeous wreath will be the perfect addition to your Valentines Day decor! This wreath is about 12 inches in diameter and is made of black tulle. Scattered about the black tulle are silver heart beads and black tulle with silver glitter dots. Both add just the perfect amount of sparkle! The silver heart beads sit atop twirly black pipe cleaners. The heart dangling from the top is glass. I had a really hard time photographing this wreath, so I can honestly say the photo does not do the wreath justice!

Valentine's Day Wreath, Be Mine wreath
Great wreath for Valentine's Day! Cranberry tulle heart shaped wreath with white letters spelling out "Be mine". Ribbon attached for hanging. This wreath is completed and ready to ship! All ribbon, yarn, and tulle wreaths are made on 12" forms unless otherwise noted. Wreaths do best in a sheltered area or behind a storm door. All items are made in a smoke free environment.

Heart Wreath, Valentine Wreath
A cute Heart tulle wreath. Are you thinking about the special one? This wreath is great as a gift for Valentine´s Day, Mother´s Day or Birthday. Great addition to your romantic, valentine home decor or wall decor. The base is heart shaped styrofoam wreath. The flower wreath is made out of tulle. Colors red-white-pink. Added handmade felt flowers. Also little artificial diamonds.

Heart Wreath
A cute Heart tulle wreath. Are you thinking about the special one? This wreath is great as a gift for Valentine´s Day, Mother´s Day or Birthday. Great addition to your romantic, valentine home decor or wall decor. The base is heart shaped styrofoam wreath. The wreath is made out of tulle. Colors dark pink-white-pink. Added handmade felt flowers, feathers and small artificial diamonds. Each flower is unique and made with love.

Full Heart Wreath - Heart Wreath - Tulle Wreath
Show some welcoming love with this full heart wreath. Made on a grapevine base, this wreath is full of tulle and deco flex mesh ribbon and measures about 25" across at its widest point. Can be purchased with or without the Welcome sign (subtract $5).

Valentines Wreath
This Valentines Wreath was created on a 10" heart shaped foam wreath form. Finished wreath measures approximately 14" and 3" deep. It is covered in Sparkle Tulle in White and Taffy colors. There is a wooden sign hanging in the center of the wreath, which is color coordinated and adorned with taffy pink gem stones. There is a Taffy Pink tulle bow at the bottom of the wreath which is wrapped around a bouquet of pink gem flower petals. The wreath hangs from a beaded loop at the top.

Love Wreath
Surprise your loved one with this beautiful and special valentine's heart wreath! It definitely will be an eye catcher in anyone's home with it's white and sparkle red fluffy tulle and metallic red and white pom poms. All tulle was hand cut and worked onto a 3 tier wired wreath, the pom poms handmade and nestled in between. The biggest pom pom on the top wears a red glass heart. Shiny red ribbons around each pom pom finish this cute and sparkling wreath!

Tulle "Love You" Valentines Wreath, Roses on Wreath, Tulle Red, White and Pink Wreath
This tulle "Love You" wreath is made in a smoke free home. It is embellished with 130 yards (total) of red, pink, and white quality tulle. It has three roses on one side and two foam hearts that say "Love You" to make it complete! Lastly, there is a beautiful red bow to make it hang perfectly on your door! This beautiful wreath measures 20 x 20 inches and is 5 inches deep.

Pink red and white heart shaped Valentine's tulle wreath
Adorable heart shaped pink tulle wreath perfect for Valentine's! Embellishments may vary due to availability. This wreath would make a great addition to any Valentine's decor or for whenever you're wanting to cutesy things up a bit! If you would like to have a different color combination, please feel free to contact me and I will make it happen!

Pink and green valentine tulle heart wreath
~handmade by me using neon green, hot pink, and white tulle with a heart embellishment (this may vary depending on availability) if you would like a photo of your wreath before I ship it please let me know and I will send you one

Valentine's Wreath
Beautiful tulle wreath! You'll love this wreath?! This will dress up your wall or door. This one is inspired by and for Valentines day but can be made for any occasion. This wreath is purple, lavender, and white with felt heart accents. This wreath measures approx 22" across.

Valentine's Wreath, Tulle Wreath, Pink Wreath
Adorable Valentine's wreath! Isn't it adorable?! This will dress up your wall or door. Handmade tulle wreath. Embellishments vary depending on what's available. Wreath pictured is hot pink, pink, and white. Can also be made with lavender or red tulle. Taking orders. $35 This wreath measures approx 18" across.

Valentine Wreath, Love Wreath, Valentine Day Wreath
Decorate your home with this cute Valentines wreath. Wreath is created with 2 color tulle, and various embellishments " You'll be sure to get lots of compliments!

Tulle Heart, Valentine Wreath, Love
12" metal heart base, covered with red tulle, coming to about 16" full. It's kind of hard to tell from the photos, but the 'LOVE' plaque is actually a mirror! I must say, this one looks much better in person!

Valentine Wreath, Heart Wreath, Tulle Wreath, Be Mine Wreath
Show your sweetheart you love her give her the gift that will last year's. This wreath is made with tulle, foam heartheart wreath and a wood sign with three foam Hearts. Tulle colors include red, white and black. The measurement is 21x24x4" deep.

Heart Shaped Valentine's Wreath
A 7" Heart shaped wreath perfect for Valentine's Day ❤️

Valentine wreath
Beautiful valentine wreath. Can make in pink or red or both and add some accessories. Looks great on the front door or in the house on the wall.

Valentine Wreath
12inch wire wreath with multi colored tulle. 4 ribbon bows to accent. Made for occasions, Valentine's, February.

Valentines Wreath
Surprise your sweetheart with this beautiful 12 inch Valentine Wreath. Would look beautiful in your home or on any door during the month of February. Can be customized to say anything just email me!

Pink Valentine's Day Tulle Wreath with Red Rose Accent
This Wreath is perfect for decorating your home for Valentine's Day. It's is covered with different shades of pink and red tulle and topped off with a sheer red ribbon for easy hanging. In the left corner it is decorated with red glitter foam roses.

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath
Add this heart wreath to your door for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Tulle Wreath
Add some love to your front door with this playful Valentine's Day wreath! The wreath is made using a styrofoam wreath frame. Strips of pink and red tulle are tied on the frame to create a beautiful, fluffy ring. The wreath is topped off with two glittery pink hearts and a pink satin bow. A wire hanger is attached to the back of the wreath for easy hanging. The wreath measures approximately 17" across at its widest point.

Red tulle wreath, Valentines day wreath
Red Tulle Wreath for Valentine's day. This wreath includes 3 shades of red tulle and lots of sparkle! Silver beads are highlighted around the base while glittered hearts dance around the wreath.

Fluffy wreath, Valentine Tulle Wreath, Valentine Decorations
6 inch willow base wreath, tulle fluffs to 13 inches. Colors of purple, pink, red and white strips of tulle are hand-tied around a 6 inch round willow wreath. The wreath base is outlined with purple mardi gras beads. On the bottom are hand painted wooden hearts of peach, mint, and purple. At the top of the wreath is a 1 1/2 inch wooden "Art Heart", an original abstract scenery hand painted heart. It's a light, airy, one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day wreath sure to brighten any room. Makes a great gift! Loop on back for hanging. Indoor use or covered patio.

Fluffy Wreath
6 inch willow base wreath with red and white strips of tulle hand-tied around the wreath base. Pink and yellow hand painted wooden hearts are located at the bottom with the word "Love" on one of the hearts. Located at the top of the wreath is a 1 1/2 inch hand painted wooden "Art Heart". Original painting of an abstract sunset. Ready to hang. Indoor and covered patio use . This is a fluffy, light, airy, unique Valentine's Day wreath sure to add a festive touch to any room.

Valentines Day
6 inch Valentine Day Wreath. Red and white tulle hand tied around a willow base 6 inch wreath. Hand painted hearts in solid colors of orange, purple, and white. One 1 1/2 inch wooden heart with a original hand painted abstract scene. I call them "Art Hearts", little unique hand painted designs on wooden hearts. Bright, fun, airy, one of a kind Valentine Day Decor. Ready to hang. Indoor or covered patio.

Valentine Tulle wreath; valentine decoration; valentine doorhanger
Get ready to spread the love!! This Valentine decoration is based on a foam floral circle. It is wrapped in red burlap and covered with red, white, and pink tulle. Silver and purple ribbon are used for to give it a little more texture! And of course, you can't forget the heart in the middle! 30

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