Valentines Day Vintage Girls Cards Page Eight

I'm Beggin For You Love - Please Be My Valentine Vintage Card
Very cute old card. 3 5/8 inches tall. Excellent condition.

Cute Doll - I'm All Dolled Up to be your Valentine Vintage Card
Cute old card. 5 1/2 inches tall. VG used condition.

Sweet Little Dutch Girl - To My Valentine Vintage Card
Cute little card. 3 7/8 inches tall. excellent used condition.

Vintage 1920s Unused Die Cut Valentine Little Girl With Violets
Adorable little card! Measure 3 1/8 x 4 1/4 inches. Gate moves. Near mint condition.

To My Sweetheart Antique Valentine
Very nice card. Name on back. Excellent condition.

Sweet Little Girl Holding a Heart - Me For You Antique Valentine Postcard
Cute old card. It has yellowed with age and corners are a bit rounded. No creases. Samson Brothers. Used, but not posted.

Vintage 1920s Whitney Made Valentine of Pretty Little Girl on Card of Hearts
Very sweet colorful valentine that opens up. Signed inside and written on back.

Little Cheerleader--Hello Valentine-I'm Cheering for You! Unused Vintage Card With Envelope
Cute punch out card. 4 1/4 " tall. Near Mint.

Cute Fortune Teller With a Crystal Ball Vintage Valentine
Unique little valentine is 3 3/4 x 3 inches. It is in excellent used condition.

Cute Little Girl Cutting Up Paper - Stop Cutting Up and Be My Valentine Vintage Card
Sweet little card in excellent used condition. 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches.

Kitten Dropping in on Parachute Valentine - Vintage 1950s
Sweet card. 5 1/2 inches tall. Used. has a small piece of tape on the back.

Please Be Mine --I've Lost My Head Over You! Vintage 1940s Valentine
Sweet card. Flocked bow on little girl's hat. Used. In excellent condition. 6 3/8 inches tall.

Cute Little Girl With Bouquet of Flowers German Vintage Die Cut Valentine Card
Such a cute little card. Used and dated 1934. Very good condition. Lovely, bright colors. Made in Germany.

Adorable Little Girl With Heart and Cupid Hiding Behind Her Foldable Standup Valentine Vintage 1930s
This sweet card is in near mint condition. It is used on the back. 5 inches tall. Stand up. Die cut Made in USA.

Unused Valentine Greetings Teacher--1940s
Boy, you know this is an oldie. This cute little girl is writing a note to her teacher with a fountain pen! The card measures 5 and half inches tall. It is in good shape with no writing on the back. What a special treat for a teacher this would be.

Vintage 1920s Fold Back Easel Valentine Cupid Delivers Letters to Lady
Nice card. Used on back. Very good condition.

Vintage 1940s Little Girl With Parrot Valentine
Cute old card in excellent condition. Name on back.

Adorable Diecut Valentine Little Dark-Haired Little Girl - I'd Like to Be Your Dolly or Your Valentine
Sweet card in excellent condition. American Colortype Co. Made in the USA. Vintage 1930s.

Little Girl With Heart Bouquet Mechanical Valentine Vintage 1940s
Sweet girl whose arms move up and down. 4 7/8 inches tall. Made in USA. A.C. Company Used. Excellent condition.

Vintage 1940s Litle Girl Pans For a Heart A-Meri-card Valentine
Cute fold open card in great condition. Used. Good condition.

Vintage 1930s Unused Rosen Candy Pop Cards
Made by E. Rosen Co. Providence R.I. Near mint condition. Comes in set of 2, one boy, one girl. Two sets available.

Rare Vintage 1930s German Die Cut Fold Down Pop Out Valentine - Little Girl Knitting
Sweet little card is in excellent condition. Used. Dated 1932 on back. 5 1/4 inches high. Made in Germany.

Unused - Precious Little Girl Water the Garden Vintage 1940s Fold Open Valentine
Cute card in excellent condition. 5 3/8 inches tall.

Cute Little Girl Stand Up Valentine Vintage 1930s
Sweet little card. Made by Carrington USA. 4 1/4 inches tall.

Vintage 1930s Cute Girl and Dog Unused Fold Open Valentine
Darling little girl. Opens up. Not used. 4 1/2 inches tall.

Funny Little Girl Eating Cough Drops to Cure Cold Feet Mechanical Valentine Vintage 1940s
Cute and funny! 4 1/2 by 5 inches, Cough drops spin into her mouth. Used. Made in USA.

Adorable Girl Driving Pink Car With Violets - German Die Cut Vintage Valentine
Precious old card. Stand on Back. Used. Made in Germany. 5 1/4 x 3 inches. Excellent condition.

Little Hula Girl - WHO-LA Be My Valentine Vintage Card
Unique little card. 4 1/2 inches tall. Used on back. Excellent condition.

Little Girl Running With Puppy Vintage 1920s Fold Open Whitney Made Valentine
Adorable card in excellent condition. It looks like a name was written on the back and erased. Whitney. 4 3/8 by 3 1/4 inches.

Vintage 1920s Unused Valentine Card - Couple Dress in Fancy Clothes
Unique old card. Lovely colors. 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. Excellent condition. 30

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