Valentines Day Vintage Girls Cards Page Six

Vintage Valentine Card Honeycomb Puff Foldout Girl with Umbrella 1930s
An adorable vintage Valentine card of a little girl caught in a storm with her dog, the umbrella folds out to a honeycomb puff, the clip to hold it in place is still there but we chose to hold it with a paper clip to avoid breaking the old clip off. Circa 1920s to 30s Printed in USA Stands approx. 8 1/2” tall

Vintage Valentine Mechanical Card Girl in Present Box
A cute vintage Valentine mechanical card has a little girl pop up out of a wrapped box when you pull the tab at the bottom. Circa 1920s Printed in Germany Stands approx. 5 1/2" long

Raphael Tuck Mechanical Valentine Card Girl in Bonnet
A wonderful Vintage Valentine of a little girl with a bonnet hiding her face, the bonnet has real cloth around her neck, the bonnet is also the mechanical part of the card moving it up and down reveals the little girls face. She stands a little over 7" tall, "to my valentine" a big February 14 on the front and a short valentine verse.

Mechanical Valentine Die Cut Chloe Preston Walker Card
Item details 5 out of 5 stars. (138) reviews Shipping & Policies Great Valentine Card, part of the walker series by Chloe Preston, shows a young Peek A Boo Girl on her wedding day, her feet spin on a mechanical wheel. marked made in Germany ~ World War I era Circa 1910-1920 Measures: approx. 7" Condition: Minimal wear

Antique Victorian Valentine Fringe Card
Wonderful antique silk fringe Valentine card in diamond shape with a small girl in the center and the reverse having a sweet poem. Measures 4" across Overall Excellent, tip of card is missing fringe

Die Cut Embossed Antique Valentine Card with Mirror Art Deco Flapper Girl White Kitten
Wonderful antique die cut embossed Valentine card with built in mirror shows a beautiful flapper girl seated at her vanity mirror with a little white kitten peaking at his reflection. Wonderful Art Deco period Card! Circa 1920 marked on reverse Stands approx. 7" tall

Valentine's Postcard Fantasy Themed Embossed Fairy Carrying Heart Basket
Wonderful Valentine postcard shows a fairy woman in a purple dress with wings carrying a basket of hearts. Great Art Nouveau themed card! Divided back, Embossed Used~Dated 1909 Grade 2 Minor Corner Bumps

Mechanical Valentine Card 1930s Girl on Scale
A cute mechanical Valentine's card shows a young girl standing on a scale reading her "love" meter. German Made Addressed on back Circa 1930s Measures 6" long Condition: Some wear to her face

Die Cut Valentine Girl with Umbrella Hat Large 1900s Antique Valentine's Card
Beautiful and large die cut Valentine of a young girl walking in a red raincoat and oversize hat with flowers blooming. Maker Unknown, possibly Raphael & Tuck, probably German in origin. The exact card is located in the "Valentine's Collector's Guide" by Barbara Johnson P.H.D., page 92 second image. We are unsure if she is missing a further umbrella over her head or if this umbrella handle is implied to be a part of her hat as the image in the reference book shows the same. Stand Up Flat Die Cut Measures: 8" tall

Valentine Card Die Cut German Antique Valentine's Ephemera Victorian Valentines Card Embossed Girl Flowers
A lovely Valentine Die Cut of a girl surrounded by flowers, each side has a small red honeycomb puff. German Made Addressed on back Circa 1900-1920 Measures 7" long by 3 1/2" wide

Vintage Mechanical Valentine Cards Pair Little Girl and Dog
Great pair of vintage mechanical valentines shows a little girl holding her valentine and a dog in front of a valentine, both have moving eyes. Circa 1920s, girl marked Made in USA Measures Approx 4 1/4" tall and 3 1/2"tall

Valentine's Postcard John Winsch Art Nouveau Lady in Winter
Wonderful Valentine Postcard by John Winsch shows a lovely lady in winter surrounded by hearts. Used Divided back/Embossed Printed in Germany

Valentine Postcard Kathryn Elliott Art Nouveau Beauty with Cupid19
Wonderful postcard by artist Kathryn Elliott shows cupid whispering a Valentine secret to a young beauty. Great Art Nouveau themed Valentine card. Artist Signed Kathryn Elliott Series 1636 Divided back/Embossed Used ~ Postmarked

Antique|VALENTINE|Card Vintage Valentine Day Be Mine LOVE
Antique|VALENTINE|Card Vintage Valentine Day Be Mine LOVE. This is a fold out and stand up Valentine of a sweet girl in a yellow and red plaid dress standing behind a fence holding a large red heart. She is standing on a hill top with a yellow house or barn behind her. With the fence side folded up it reads " Be My Valentine, I stand back of this proposition" The writing on the back of the card reads " Beatrice from Alberta Jones" In good to excellent condition with the normal age characteristics. Size: 3 1/2" ht x 2 3/4" width, stands out about 2" all approximate

VALENTINE Card Vintage Love Ephemera Girl Heart Fold Out
VALENTINE Card Vintage Love Ephemera Girl Heart Fold Out. Little girl with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and in the other a big red heart. She is standing in front of a large heart cut out trimmed with flowers and hearts. This card stands up! Love, antique ephemera and fold out card. On the back reads: "To Bee Merrill from Phyllis Jenney".

Adorable Vintage used Valentine card, ephemera, happy Valentine's, vintage card, Valentine's Day, kitschy, little girl, old car
Cute vintage used Valentine card. I love the heart umbrella! Has vintage wear including some discoloration and spotting. Has light glitter on coat, hat and tires. Some discoloration at girls hat. No envelope.

Vintage Valentine Card - Carrington - Girl 1920
Valentine Card 1920's Girl with Bow "Here I sit a dreamin' bout you, Sort 'o lonesome, kind 'o blue, Thinkin' I can't do without you- Be my Valentine, please do" measures 2 1/4"W X 3 1/4" L card is written on to: and from: ships in photo envelope

Vintage Large Mechanical Valentine Card - Gypsy Girl with Frog in a Basket
Just recently on a junking trip to Maine, I came across a big lot of great vintage valentines. This large card measures 6.75" x 5.5". It depicts a gypsy with a frog in her basket. Based on the style, It might be from the 20s or 30s. It is a mechanical card with the frog moving up and down a little in the basket...The card is in excellent condition with no bends. A great addition to a vintage valentine collection.

Vintage Large Mechanical Valentine Card - Cheerleader with Megaphone
Just recently on a junking trip to Maine, I came across a big lot of great vintage valentines. This large card measures 8.5" x 5". It depicts a cheerleader with a megaphone. It is a mechanical card with arms that move allowing her to wave her flag and move her megaphone.The card is in good condition with a broken corner.(The piece is in the clear envelope in case you want to mend it.). it also looks as though it had been pasted in an album or scrapbook. There is also a name written across the front.. A great addition to a vintage valentine collection.

Vintage Mechanical Valentine Card - Girl Mailing Letter
This card features a girl mailing a letter and reads "A message for my Valentine". This card measures about 6"' x 6.25" and is in very good condition. The top half of the girl moves up and down so it looks as though she is mailing a letter. There are bends in the head and left corner, not that visibile from the front. A pretty addition to a vintage Valentine collection.

Vintage Large Mechanical Valentine Card - Girl with Opening and Closing Eyes
Just recently on a junking trip to Maine, I came across a big lot of great vintage valentines. This large card measures 6.5" x 7.25". It depicts a girl with braids and bows with opening and closing eyes. It is a mechanical card with a tab on the bottom which moves up and down allowing the eyes to move .The card is in good condition with small bends on the bows Also one end of a bow is just about to come off. It needs repair, but looks fine from the front. A great addition to a vintage valentine collection.

Vintage Valentine Card Girl Sailing Boat, Roses, Stand Up Die Cut To My Valentine Card
This is a large stand up die cut vintage Valentine Card, A little girl with blue shorts and top with her sailboat and white dove. Made In Germany with a pencil to and from on the back. This is a large Valentines Card measuring 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches No rips but there is a crease on the gals shorts and onto the green leaf

Adorable Vintage used Valentine card, ephemera
Sweet vintage used Hallmark valentine card for a little girl. Has some wear including discoloration. She has a sequin at her neck. No envelope. Signed inside. 4.5"x4.5".

Vintage Valentine Card
Vintage Valentine Card used, written on in pencil 4" x 6 1/4"

1930's Childrens Valentine Card with Moving Face
This is a children's valentines card from the 30's. The head rotates to three different facial expressions. The girl is holding a heart and and envelope. She wears straw hat, black pants, white blouse and red jacket with blue bow. Pink flowers in background. Front is glossy and colors are still bright and clean. Approx 5-3/4 inches tall.and 3-1/4 inches across at the base. There is a folding cardboard stand piece on the back along with a signature..

Vintage Childrens Cut Out Valentine 1930s
Cute Cut Out Childrens Valentines card from the late 20s or early 30s. Illustration of girl with short flapper type hair holding a gold heart. Red heart at the base has "Say There!" on it. Height is 3-3/4 inches by 1-5/8 inches across. Inside has "Of course I like a lot of folks Who're mighty nice and fine. But you're the only one I'd coax to be my Valentine" Card by Carrington Co,. Chicago IL. Very good condition, clean bright colors. No tears. tiny dark spot on the gold heart. Crease marks where the red heart at the base folds.

Victorian Valentine Fold Down 3 Dimensional Girl Feeding Birds Made in Germany
Victorian Valentine of a girl feeding birds. It is the fold down three dimensional style. The girl stands up, but I think the stand is not completely intact at the bottom. Made in Germany. Stands not quite 5" tall.

Victorian Valentine Fold Down 3 Dimensional Honeycomb Girl with Parasol
Victorian valentine that folds down and reveals a small red honeycomb. A few bends and stains and the comb is a little worn, but fairly nice for its age. Stands not quite 6" tall.

Valentines Day Card Boyfriend Love Greeting Valentine Be Mine Romantic Flowers Moving Articulated Antique
Valentines Day Card Boyfriend Love Greeting Valentine Be Mine Romantic Flowers Moving Articulated Antique. A Valentines Day card, for your girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend to express your love or fondness. This Valentine greeting card features a little boy opening a treasure box, when you pull the flowers tab to the right it moves the lid on the treasure box. Articulated and moving Valentine card. This card is also embossed and brightly colored. Size: 3" x 4 1/2", all approximate

Vintage 1920s Germany Valentines Card Silly Flapper Girl with Tongue Big Ear 20331
This is a circa 1920s Valentine's card that is stand up. Features a Flapper being silly on the Size: 5 3/4" x 3 3/8"

Lovely Edwardian Era Postcard-Little Girl in Aqua Dress and Large Pink Rose
This is a very pretty 1908 postcard. It is embossed with a design of a little girl in an aqua dress holding a flower pot beside a large pink Rose. Shipping is $1.00 in the U.S. 30

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